A hope-giving project

The wish to humbly making a difference

The desire to share beauty and know-how

The willingness to do small, helpful little things for the planet and community

Always in the hope of lifting the human spirit

Bathing spaces in light

Offering bouquets of smiles and lovely gestures

Stirring up simple beauty

Knowing that it heals and invites us to slow down and recharge


Since our opening in the summer of 2016, we have had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with various professionals who enrich our know-how. For photography Audrey Mainguy, for our logo the illustrator Amélie Montplaisir, for the design of communication tools including the website Francisco Sottolichio.

In 2017, others joined the adventure, for landscaping Martine Boudreault, as designer advisor Louis-Philippe Pratte À Hauteur d’homme and Réjean Roy Réjean Roy Design.